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We are committed to helping others recover from issues and difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in this time of crisis and beyond. At this time of community and national crisis we must keep our families’ healthy and safe, help those in need of shelter or basic needs, and guard against being scammed or preyed upon due to unforeseen problems causing desperation.

Our group is offering assistance to those impacted through a new online learning and answer desk that allows you to participate and get relief from the comfort and safety of your own home.

If you are need relief or help associated with the above please contact us or join our on line discussions.

In the midst of these uncertain times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to you and to our community.


Prevailing Wages: Click here to see the US Department of Labor Statistics

Constractor State Licensing Boards: Click here for US Contractor Licensing Agencies

Consumer Financial Protection Agency: Click here to read how to protect your finances

Labor benefits fact sheet: Click here to read the Department of Labor's benefits fact sheet and learn how you can receive assistance if your job has been impacted by COVID-19.

Small business assistance: Click here to apply for small business disaster relief if your business has been impaired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

(From simple daily needs to more complex issues)

  • How to change a light bulb
  • How to hire a Handyman
  • How to hire a Construction Manage
  • How to plan a project
  • How to find and trip a circuit breaker
  • How to hire a Contractor
  • How to hire an Architect
  • How to budget for a project
  • What is the difference between a General Contractor and Sub Contractor
  • How to find or learn about affordable buildings like tiny homes
  • How to identify projects that require a Handyman
  • How to identify projects that require a General Contractor or Sub Contractor
  • How to pay contractors and professionals
  • How to find/make income opportunities by helping others

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